Abandoned for Christmas

Sometimes the worst memories are also the best. As a child, my family and I grew up very tight-knit and close.  I spent every single December 25th with my parents and siblings from the day I was born till the year I turned twenty.  That year, my mother decided she wanted to go to Guatemala for her birthday, December 24th, and she went with my dad and…


Sneak Peek at My Desk

I took this photo as I was getting ready for a sprint during NaNoWriMo.  My friend, who has done NaNoWriMo several times before, (I consider her one of the hardened, battle-ready pros), told me to take a "before" and "after" shot of my workspace, because it was about to slide from well-intentioned organization mode down the slope to complete insanity survival mode. The office didn't get quite as messy…


“Barefoot” in Winter Omnibus!

Do you like shoes?  I never thought of myself as a "shoe girl," but then I realized I had a story in me that told a detailed account of one woman's life through all the pairs of shoes she ever wore, from cradle to grave.  I am very pleased to announce that my short story, "Barefoot" has been accepted by the literary journal Omnibus and is now available for sale! Yay!…


My Dad’s Dragon

Cross a bridge of alligators and lollipops, braid the tangled hair of a ferocious lion, rescue a blue and gold baby dragon from cruel slavery...isn't this the stuff that a kid's dreams are made of?  Before I started reading books to myself, my dad was reading them out loud to me.  My Father's Dragon was a clear favorite from my childhood, but not just because the story was awesome…


Interview on Arc of a Writer

My author interview is featured today (and for the rest of this month) on Elena Hartwell's Arc of a Writer.  Elena is a talented playwright and delightful person who I had the honor to meet at the Edmonds Write on the Sound writers' conference this past October.  I mention the archetype (character-template) that I love using over and over again.  Apparently, bad girls are a very…


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