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Three Booktrope authors: Jesse James Freeman, Terry Persun, and Christina Esdon, and I put together an interview over Google+.  We had a pretty darn good time talking to each other over our computer screens.  They were nice enough to interview me about Moonlight and Oranges.  The whole interview is about 8 min.  Super short.

Hope you like it!



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  1. That was cool, Elise! I learned a lot of new things about you and your book! How fun is that? Your interviewers were great- I’m curious about the books they wrote now. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Michelle! I love that you learned new stuff–considering how long you’ve known me and writing it, that’s quite the accomplishment! I’m glad you thought it was fun. I did too!

  2. Hi Elise!! It was so great to ‘see/watch’you and hear you….loved the interview, and am loving getting to know, so many interesting things about you. Congrats and well done – Liliane (Australia) xx

    1. Liliane, glad you liked it! I’d love all interviews to be as fun and warm as this one was. I think it really makes a difference to those who watch them.

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