Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Terry Persun

I'm very pleased to introduce you today to my friend and fellow author Terry Persun. Terry and I met through our publisher, and I was instantly amazed by his kindness and thoughtfulness as we talked about writing and the emotional struggles that get tangled up in it. You might remember him as one of my interviewers during my Google + video interview. Terry's newly released book…


I’m a Writer

I'm in a video! A writer friend who I met on Twitter, Imran Siddiq (@flickimp) invited me to be part of this fun video project.  We all sent in clips of ourselves that were five seconds long, describing what kind of writer we were.  I'm at the :51 mark.  It's fun to see all the different ways that people portrayed themselves.  I think I talk really…


Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Matthew R Merrick

Today I have the great pleasure to introduce Matthew R Merrick. I met Matthew on Twitter through a mutual friend and was quickly delighted by his humor and energy. We struck up conversations ranging from the ugliness of grammar Nazis to the best father/daughter dates. His two little girls are very lucky to have a good dad. Matthew is a writer full of life and passion…

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The Beginning of It All

When I first began writing, everything was about extremes. I focused on making my characters as beautiful they could be, having as much fun and excitement as possible, and the bottom line was that I kept myself entertained. I wrote because I found storytelling exciting, and all of my stories had the requirement that they continuously enthrall my imagination. My first “writing” was actually illustration with a few…


Networking and Art

If you're anything like me, you cringe when you hear that the cocktail party or social gathering is designed to be a 'networking' event.  Oh no!  Not one of those, you inwardly groan. Maybe your next step is to worry whether your business cards (if you have them) are up-to-date, or if your attire is professional enough for the occasion.  You rearrange your hair three times before it looks right. …


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