The Art of the Do-Over

What would you do over, if you could? My husband and I were recently talking about things we truly wished we could do over again. He’d wished he’d attended high school prom with the girl who’d asked him. I wished I’d actually dated a particular boy in my senior year of high school, despite my parents’ objections—because, looking back, I’m pretty sure he was my first…


Wiseness (AKA Wisdom)

Wisdom. Do we all want to have it? Some people I know prefer to walk the paths their passion calls them to, even if it goes contrary to advice they’ve received. We all know there’s such a thing as bad advice, but regardless of how good the advice might be, these friends would rather learn the hard way than submit blindly to directions. They want to…


Things I Want to Tell You

This was a letter that I planned to use as a blog post before Baby George arrived in the world. He decided to arrive 10 days before his due date, which might have been the reason it missed its original release date. However, all the advice I had for him still applies. I think it's funny that Relationships and Social Media seem equally important as categories…


What I Want(ed) In a Husband

I had a nice long list of things I was looking for in my perfect man. I wanted my husband to love travel, to dance, to be taller than me, to be intelligent, etc etc etc. This on the other "perfect" person made me forget that I'm actually an imperfect person who he's going to marry, and that I might make his life a ton of…


One Day at a Time

“It’s amazing how the cheesy quotes we say in my twelve-step program are actually profound, if you think about them.” My friend smiles sheepishly at me after saying this in the café where we sit together. The phrase floats between us. One day at a time. Ha. Easier said than done. If I were honest, I’d say I try to live a week’s worth of life…


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