Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Jesse James Freeman

I’m pleased to introduce you today to Jesse James. Jesse and I met on Twitter through our mutual publisher, Booktrope, and I believe the first conversation we launched into was about the TV show LOST (you can imagine how crazy … Continue reading

Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Karen Phelps Heines

I’m honored to introduce you today to Karen.  Karen and I met through a writers’ group where, once a week, we write for half an hour, then swallow our pride and read out loud whatever we’ve just scratched out onto … Continue reading

Networking and Art

If you’re anything like me, you cringe when you hear that the cocktail party or social gathering is designed to be a ‘networking’ event.  Oh no!  Not one of those, you inwardly groan. Maybe your next step is to worry whether your business cards … Continue reading