Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Christina Esdon

It's my delight to introduce you today to my friend Christina Esdon. Christina and I met through our publisher and discovered a shared passion for all things theatrical, including whimsical costumes and singing. I'd like to have a karaoke party with her some day. Christina writes with heart and tenderness. You'll see it in her writing here and you'll find it in her book Work in…


Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Jesse James Freeman

I'm pleased to introduce you today to Jesse James. Jesse and I met on Twitter through our mutual publisher, Booktrope, and I believe the first conversation we launched into was about the TV show LOST (you can imagine how crazy conversations like that quickly become), and then later I recall him admitting, also over Twitter he needed Karo syrup to make more fake blood.  Needless to…


Networking and Art

If you're anything like me, you cringe when you hear that the cocktail party or social gathering is designed to be a 'networking' event.  Oh no!  Not one of those, you inwardly groan. Maybe your next step is to worry whether your business cards (if you have them) are up-to-date, or if your attire is professional enough for the occasion.  You rearrange your hair three times before it looks right. …


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