Lots of Good News!

I have so much news to share with you, I'm making a special "news" post! James and I just returned from an AWESOME time in Cabo San Lucas, and I'm proud to say that we both feel closer because of it.  The photo I've attached to is him and me having an awesome time on our snorkeling excursion.  I don't think I've ever had so many…


“Barefoot” in Winter Omnibus!

Do you like shoes?  I never thought of myself as a "shoe girl," but then I realized I had a story in me that told a detailed account of one woman's life through all the pairs of shoes she ever wore, from cradle to grave.  I am very pleased to announce that my short story, "Barefoot" has been accepted by the literary journal Omnibus and is now available for sale! Yay!…


Contract En Route!

The world-changing news came on what could have been a very average day.  I'm sitting at my computer, getting ready to leave it for a while and revise the printed pages of my current work-in-progress, when a new message on my screen reads: Dear Elise, we would like to move forward with your delightful story... And I realize that someone is telling me that they want to publish…


Red-Letter Day

According to Wikipedia, a red-letter day is any day of significance and my goodness did I have one! Last week I sent out my normal batch of query letters via email.  This is  part of my marketing plan, which entails sending out queries for my manuscript, Moonlight and Oranges, every two weeks or so. That same day, to my unbelieving eyes, two positive responses came back from two…


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