What I Want(ed) In a Husband

I had a nice long list of things I was looking for in my perfect man. I wanted my husband to love travel, to dance, to be taller than me, to be intelligent, etc etc etc. This on the other "perfect" person made me forget that I'm actually an imperfect person who he's going to marry, and that I might make his life a ton of…


Because I knew You – Guest Post by Natalie Soldano

Today it is my great pleasure to introduce you to Natalie Soldano.  Natalie and I met through our husbands, and we share an interesting commonality: Natalie and I are both English majors who married engineers.  Her husband and my husband are close friends, and inevitably Natalie and I found plenty to talk, laugh, and cry about (all quite normal in the life of writers!). I love…


Time for a Tune Up?

Hello all!  My monthly article from SheKnows Magazine posted today, and I wanted to share the news! I talk about four ways that help you and your sweetheart touch base and make sure the relationship doesn't fall into disrepair (an easy thing to happen, after the initial months of bliss and infatuation). Enjoy! Click here to read the 4 Keys to Healthy Relationships


Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Matthew R Merrick

Today I have the great pleasure to introduce Matthew R Merrick. I met Matthew on Twitter through a mutual friend and was quickly delighted by his humor and energy. We struck up conversations ranging from the ugliness of grammar Nazis to the best father/daughter dates. His two little girls are very lucky to have a good dad. Matthew is a writer full of life and passion…

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The Sign Around My Neck Reads “Married”

Yesterday something boiled down to an ugly truth that made me cry. My husband and I were planning on attending an event with another single friend.  When my husband asked the friend if he’d like to hang out with us before the event, the friend replied, "I thought about it, but when I realized that you were the only other ones going, I didn't want to…


SheKnows Date Night Article & My New Columnist Status!

Some of you have heard the news that I just had my first pro-level article published through SheKnows Magazine. I sent them an article about ideas to keep a married couple's date night fun and interesting, and they loved it. Then they invited me to write for them on a monthly basis! *excited squeal* See my first SheKnows article here.  The Importance of Date Night for…


Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Mary Katherine

Please join me in welcoming the beautiful and talented Mary Katherine.  Mary Katherine is one of my friends I've known from birth.  She was in my wedding and I was in hers. Throughout our teens her, her sister and I were known to write dramatic fantasy stories, as well as tape-record our renditions of such strange things as an interviews with all nine main characters of…


Healthy Relationships

Relationships are multi-faceted and they certainly don't exist on a solely emotional plain.  Sometimes the topic of physical health becomes a roadblock in discussions.  Although it's not always this case, many women find themselves the ones who are more interested in staying in good shape, and having a conversation about  health with their less-excited man is challenging. I am reposting an article I wrote on this subject of…


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