Through the Valley

  One of my son's favorite places to visit is the cemetery. We walk there from our house (it's our nearest "park") and, once past the enclosure fence, my son crawls down from his stroller and pushes the stroller around like a life-size toy car. There's a fountain under a huge old fir that we call my son's fountain. Flat headstones make level ground which is…


She’s Got Everything Figured Out (NOT)

“I was really intimidated by you.” A friend once told me this. Actually, a lot of people have said it. I guess I make a killer first impression that says: “I’ve figured out how to do life. I’ve got my act together. I’m beautiful and powerful and intelligent.” Heh. On my good days, maybe. Let’s not forget that I also studied acting in college (full confession…


EVENING INTERSECTION – a short story collaboration with author Marni Mann

What do you get when you make two woman with very different stories collide in the middle of an awful night? This is when writing gets really fun! Marni and I met after I'd just launched Moonlight and Oranges,when she was on the verge of launching her first novel Memoirs Aren't Fairytales, a harrowing story of a young woman's struggle with heroin addiction. We hit it…


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