Being Bossy is…Good?

I'm a firstborn girl and I can't help telling people what to do sometimes.  At least that's my story I tell myself. :) Although it can make me obnoxious at times, there are moments when the leadership is much appreciated and needed.  Thank goodness! I blog on Heather Huffman's site today in her Heather's Mark series on using my powers of bossyness for good (or for…


Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Heather Huffman

I'm very happy to introduce you today to Heather Huffman!  Heather and I first connected on Twitter (and also through our publisher, Booktrope) when I caught her talking about home schooling tricks that her kids were trying to play on her.  My first tweet to her read something like "We tried to tell our mom that playing the piano counted for math lessons because we'd read…


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