Lift Your Glasses, Lift Your Hearts

It's a calm contentment, this feeling inside. (That isn't exactly the vibe my picture is giving you. I was striking a confident pose at the time) The calm contentment comes later, now that the emotional confetti has settled from the air. The third novel waits alongside its brothers in my home's Harry Potter closet (we have a fantastic cupboard under the stairs!) nestled in its box,…


Launch Day! Guardian of the Gold Breathers is here!

Fireworks and trumpets! The day has arrived when I get to share this new book with you! By way of introduction, I thought want to share the mosaic of my life experiences that helped compose this story. My main character, Liam Finley, is a boy looking for his courage, trying to do what's right, and growing to understand what it means to be a man. Events in my…


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