Change is in the air this week! Light changes, life changes, temperature changes. The week began with a drag for me, but the spring is returning to my step as it closes. And seriously, the costumes doodles that people are sending in for the costume contest are making my day. You have till the end of this month to enter. 1. Fall means more full views…


Chasing the Firebird

The Phoenix is the stuff of dreams. Crimson and gold feathers that glint in the night, a five hundred year life span that ends with fiery immolation, a death that ushers forth new life… This is how I’d track down a Phoenix of my own. First, an airplane ticket to Egypt! Phoenix tales proliferate here and historic (See Ovid and Herodotus) accounts claim this country receives…


She Wore Red

I don’t consider myself a particularly “material girl,” and though I love beauty, fashion, and color, I’m more of a saver than a spender.  But all that melted when I saw The Dress. Waves of silky garnet, the swish and sweep of fabric designed for a dancer…  It cost as much as ten regular dresses.  It was a queen’s gown, a victor’s laurel wreath.  I vowed…


Squash or Nurture?

Comparison is the thief of joy. -Anonymous I recently awoke from a vivid dream filled with high seas adventures, golden beaches, a stowaway, an overprotective parent, unrequited love, and secret treasures of the heart.  The interesting part about this dream is that I took away from it less inspiration for a new story to write, and more inspiration for how I will treat my writing friends. To be…


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