Be Awkward: An argument for minimizing miscommunication and assumption

“Awkward” Definition a: lacking social grace and assurance b: causing embarrassment Most of us don’t like being awkward. Sometimes we’re just unaware of the awkwardness in a situation and sometimes we mistakenly perceive a situation to be more awkward than it really is. Actually, I’m not sure *any* of us like being awkward. We don’t like saying something that could make others embarrassed or upset, or at the…


Interspecies Communication – New Short Story!

Hello all! In case you missed my announcements on social media, here is a link to my newest story, "Common Speech," which was released earlier this month on the beautiful and evocative Escape Pod podcast. The narrator, Ibba Armancas, gave a phenomenal and heartfelt performance. I'm so impressed by and grateful for the emotional nuance she delivered to the storytelling! The image on this post is…



Welcome to the Friday Five – my weekly tradition of listing four thoughts or lessons from my week, and one fun picture. This has been a low energy week for me (sometimes hibernation sound like such a good idea!), and it’s been a good time to practice reminding myself that I’m still a worthy, lovable person, even when I feel too tired to do anything that…


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