Wind Change

The night winds’ breath gained a sharp edge this week. The calendar tells me I’ve officially crossed into autumn.  The world is going to sleep, or in darker terms, preparing to die. Yep, that’s seriously how I see it. Welcome to my dramatic mind. As someone who struggles with seasonal depression (I like to call myself a Light Addict), I fight to keep a bright spirit…


Because I Knew You – Guest Post by David Slater

You are in for a treat.  This post is penned by my friend David, who I met through a swing dance club at the University of Washington.  I watched him learn to dance and get really awesome at it.  Since then, David and I have taken The Artist's Way course together and from the deeper friendship that formed, chatted lengthily on life, faith, creativity, love, and dreams. …


Fear of New Things

In the art world, and in most places of life, change can come as fast as a tsunami wave--and my reaction to change may be compared to the terror of standing on the beach, watching the incoming wall of water, and wondering if I really am prepared for what's ahead of me. The analogy is imperfect.  A tsunami would likely have killed me.  The changes in my…


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