…And You’re Still Affecting Me Today

There are about 8 zillion wonderful things my mom has done, and that’s if I actually count them all.  It’s more than 8 zillion.

Although I don’t like Hallmark holidays, I do like reminders to say “thank you.”  And since I won’t be able to see you in person for this Mother’s Day, I want to thank you in front of everyone today, Mom.

Surprise!  I didn’t tell you I was doing this.

I’m going to touch on a few things you’ve done that still affect me now.

You read piles and piles of books out loud to me.  I learned delight of tonal inflection and different accents.  I still use this, and my writing is so much richer because you took the time to make books come alive.

You encouraged my imagination by letting me dress up, host costume parties, and act in plays.  You made sure I felt free and unashamed to express myself.  You showed me the world in technicolor.

You listened when I needed to talk–and I talked your ear off.  You let me know that what I had to say was absolutely worth being heard.  You strengthened my confidence and my voice.

You showed me that there was a loving God who cherished me.

I could go on, about how you were always a friend to me, how you taught me to communicate my emotions, and how much time you gave to your kids, and yet, I think this is enough.  I love you more than any of these words can say.

And when I  see you again, I hope I’ll hear this surprise was a good one.




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