Make Positive Effort for the Good

Writing and life are inseparable.  I think this is why Natalie Goldberg applied the Zen lessons she learned to the practice of life, art, and writing. 

This morsel of wisdom, the third and final in the list she shared at WOTS, reminds her audience to “make positive effort for the good.” I almost seems too simple, too transparent. 

Practically speaking,  Natalie used the example of forcing herself to brush her teeth when she didn’t feel like doing anything.  A recent divorce served as the prime reason for her listlessness.

Perhaps it begins with brushing my teeth and evolves into buying a bundle of pens that I prefer to write with or having healthy, yummy snacks in the place where I work. 

Some days, it means writing one page of nonsense, just to make sure I’ve written something.

The little bits of determination add up to a large swath of gumption.  I wish you the very best of luck. 🙂


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