Highlights of 2012

archPresents, sugary treats, and cramming in all of the holiday events always makes this month spread wings and fly. Yet, December is the closing month of the year, the time I can look back and see all that has happened.

  • My powerful lesson at the year’s opening taught me just how hard I push myself, and how dangerous a life “lived in red” truly is. This realization is a small victory because I learned it in my 20s, and before having a nervous breakdown!
  • Over the summer, I felt and saw what real treasure looks like on a mission trip to Mexico. The box that this ten-year-old boy gave me is still in its place of honor on my dresser where the sunlight kisses it every morning.
  • Interviews with people you like are infinitely more fun than interviews with strangers. A few Booktrope authors and I put together a video interview on Google + and it was terribly great fun.
  • “Handle with Care” is a way I’ve began to think of myself, as a fragile but beautiful garment who will fray unless she listens to what her body, mind, and temperament need. I took a week off to take care of myself and lived a creative adventure.
  • Depression is a beast that I continue to wrestle with in fits and burst. Though I am growing to understand the transformational nature of the dark journey, I’m also learning that self-preservation means purchasing a UV Happylight to fight the seasonally linked part of the blues.
  • On the writing front, I can finally say I’m a paid freelance writer, a story of mine was shortlisted for a prestigious prize, I’ve found a mentor, and I’ve survived my first big league writer’s conference. Woohoo!
  • Things of beauty and dreams always captivate me. The red dress I bought for myself before I’d found a publisher for Moonlight and Oranges reminded me of just how much power beauty and dreams have when they’re combined.

You poets out there may have noticed that these highlights opened and closed with the color red. To make this even more perfect, my New Year’s post this year was themed A Year of Love and Courage. I only realized this as I was writing this post, but the color red is used in my culture to represent love as well as courage.

May your year-end reflections be filled with encouragement, hope and joy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




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  1. Hey Elise, all the best for 2013, I had a lifetime struggle with depression and I empathize, I have a problem with saying ‘no’ too, defining boundaries and giving myself guilt-trips. However, 2012 was a transformational year for me too and I can only be looking forward to 2013. May you continue to pursue what you believe in, surrounded by love and light.

    1. Winnie, thank you so much! I’m so glad that 2012 was a year of transformation for you, too! Struggling with depression is a hard thing to understand for those who haven’t walked it, but I truly feel we can empathize more deeply with those who’ve also walked in darkness, and this makes us stronger, as well as more grateful for the light!

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