Welcome to the Friday Five where every week I share 4 life observations from my week and 1 fun photo.

It’s been a great week! I’m feeling productive at work, and I have energy in spite of a 4pm sunset and thick cloud cover. This week my HappyLight bathed me in energizing UV light from its new spot on my desk. I really think it’s helping lift my mood.  If you haven’t heard me talk about by fight with seasonal depression, here’s a taste.

1. It’s an honor to be asked for help. My little cousin dubbed me as the person to remove her galoshes after running around in her back yard this week. She was honoring me. When my friend asks me to look over her project because she’s nervous and isn’t ready to show it to the world, she honors me with her trust. I need to remind myself that when I ask others for their help, if done respectfully, I’m honoring them.

2. The amount of things you can do well at is very few.  Depressing? Not if you’re okay with the realistic perspective. Yes, I know there are geniuses out there who seem to create shining excellence, wherever they go. Three things in response to that—1. Often times these geniuses do not discipline themselves to a life that grows all of their talents, 2. Most of us aren’t geniuses. 3. It grows increasingly difficult to distinguish between a genius and someone practicing with dedication.  The older I get, the more I realize how I must focus my time, energy, and talent in a small sector, and relax about the areas that grow more neglected as a result. The hardest part isn’t focusing, it’s letting myself ‘do poorly’ on the other stuff.

3. Health increases happiness. My husband was sick this week with clogged sinuses and a sore throat, but once he’d slept and begun to heal, his bright spirits returned. Seeing his animation revive was like watching an old friend coming home (even though he’d only been sick for a couple days!). When we start to feel crummy, we should be to examine our health, not just growl inwardly and bully ourselves into pushing through.

4. Sharing something you’ve made with others brings life to what you share. Whether this is a painting, a meal, or a short story, I know for certain that there is extra fire and life injected into whatever I’m making when I think about the audience who will eventually see it. I don’t create my art just for myself. I create it to strike a chord with whoever experiences it, and the more I’m able to share what I make, the more excited I am to make it.  

 5. I was in the swing dance club at my college. We’d perform routines at our dances at least once a year. This photo is from the year of the ‘Girly Routine.’ Boy howdy were we having a good time. (I’m the one with her mouth open.)



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