This has been a week of movement for me. I moved forward in my work with bolder, braver decisions and put some new projects in motion. My head is whirling and I’m traveling this weekend, but it’s been a good week, altogether.

1. Small equals close. I love big gatherings, but there’s a hidden rule when you have more than six or seven people in a room–suddenly it’s not as comfortable to share personal, tender things. But there’s magic when a small number of friends gathers to eat or talk. It’s like a hug between, only with a few more arms. Don’t forget the power of meeting in a mini-community.

2. New goals lead to mental “fresh air” and new realizations. I’ve been struggling with my pace of editing my novel, recently, groaning with impatience (ask my husband, he’ll validate this!) Something snapped when I realized I needed to massively trim my word count. New insights have been leaping to me since this point. I’m seeing my work from a new angle. If things are dragging in a project you’re working on, consider making a new goal and seeing if everything shifts into different focus.

3. I’m stronger when I do what I know I should do, (not when I’m grabbing for what I think I deserve). Whenever my ambition outreaches my actually ability to do the work right in front of me, my response is depression, bitterness, envy of those who have something I don’t. But I’m being struck with chest-pounding force with the idea that my time would be much better spent encouraging my fellow writers than wishing I was as successful and popular as the famous ones. And I know that’s something I’m supposed to do. So why don’t I do that? It’s right there, within my reach. Something I’ll be chewing on for a while, methinks.

4. A teensy annoyance my prevent a major fiasco. I ran over a nail and got a flat tire this week.  My husband installed the spare in the pouring rain while I fumed indoors. But when I took the Honda into the tire shop, the kind gentleman explained I had two bald tires, and I realized why I’d fishtailed on the rain-slick freeway off-ramp earlier that week. Did God send me a little nail puncture to save me from a full on accident? I honestly believe He did.

5. This photo is pure fun. We met at Universal Studios California while I was a college student. Matt Damon is a great one for dramatic fan photos.

Me and Matt



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  1. I can really sense the chemistry between you and Matt. A true longing in your eyes, and perhaps a fear of what the future holds once the paprazzi gets wind of your fling? 😉
    Also, wonderful lessons this week and glad to hear that you got your tires looked at before something more serious happened. xo

    1. Ha! I know, right? We were practicing the moment in the film when the heroine and hero watch the building explode in the distance. Thank you, Tina!

  2. Things really do happen for a reason, don’t they? We may not understand ~ or appreciate ~ the reason right away… We just have to have faith. (PS you and Matt look soooo cute together.)

    1. Yes, I really think they do! It reminds me to not be so quick to grumble! And thanks! I love that picture. 🙂

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