Here it is! This is the glorious, beautiful cover design that will grace the front of my newest novel, which will be available in both print and ebook on October 15, 2015!

Isn’t it beautiful? My cover designer, Amalia Chitulescu is a very talented woman.

There are many elements of the story woven into this cover design, but if I were to tell them to you, it would ruin part of the story…

I will say, even though it sounds so simple, I just love the little sparks of light hovering in the air amidst the dark forest. They are perfect for many reasons, and they set the mood exactly the way I want them to.

Stay tuned for more announcement on the birth of this book.

Publication day is almost here, my friends!


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  1. Congratulations Elise! So proud of you!
    – Sharon Dodge
    ( one of your early admirers:)

    1. Sharon! Hi! Thank you! Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad I get to share this with you!

  2. An excellent cover! Amalia Chitulescu is a fantastic designer. (She’s done the designs for the first two books in my sci-fi series and will be doing the third as well.)

    1. She is exceedingly talented!

  3. WOW ! My little one. The Cover is wonderful and it will be hard to wait to read this new story. I will want several signed copies for the Stephens families. Love you. Mom

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