I was hardly prepared for the weekend that just passed. I have a habit of being revved up and excited before a writer’s conference (and grumpy, exhausted, and burned out, after one), but this excited pre-conference state is understandable, right? It’s like being a candy shop of learning that’s jam-packed with people who are just as crazy as I am about how to tell a good…


Not to Brag but… {This Title is Sarcastic}

I  made a strange resolution recently. I'm not sure I'll be good at keeping it, but I'm going to post it publicly here to hold myself accountable. I've decided to stop bragging on social media. That includes Twitter, Facebook, and this blog here. There are moments throughout my life in which I have good news to share, but I'm now personally convicted that it's not polite to…


Things I Want to Tell You

This was a letter that I planned to use as a blog post before Baby George arrived in the world. He decided to arrive 10 days before his due date, which might have been the reason it missed its original release date. However, all the advice I had for him still applies. I think it's funny that Relationships and Social Media seem equally important as categories…

Field Notes from Boot Camp
Boot Campers 2014

Field Notes from Boot Camp

I'm tougher, stronger, and better from my week in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was hard, but good. The five-hour flight into Atlanta followed by a five-hour drive up to Greensboro, NC was no picnic with my 11-month-old son in tow, but we survived! I managed to fold up my wallet into George's stroller, and then shove the whole think in the trunk of my rental. What…


On Simplicity and Sunglasses

“You’re too young to wear sunglasses.” I’m having a conversation with a good friend, lamenting the currently unbearable distance is between where I am and where I want to be. She looks at me, smiles, and says, “You don’t really want to be famous yet. You’re too young to wear sunglasses.” Remember those movies about the small-town singer who becomes a superstar or the little obscure…


Just Try

Eating cooked vegetables at three years old. Me: It looks gross! I hate the smell. Mom: Just try it. Me: WAAAH! Mom: One bite. You only have to try one bite. Elise takes a bite and, years later, learns that she likes vegetables.   Learning to dive backwards in high school. Me: Oh my gosh. I'm so scared I think I'm going to be sick. Instructor:…


Fight for Your Life

I love to make everyone happy. Now I reread that sentence and mentally insert “which is impossible” to the end of it. That’s the only way the sentence can be consistently true. I strive for the impossible. I love my family and friends passionately. I am an active member of my communities. And yet it’s delusional to tell myself that I can satisfy every social expectation…


A Fairy Tale Birthright

Fairy tales are more than stories. In the best of them, we see ourselves in them and incorporate their truths and magic. I was seven years old when I first saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in theaters. To this day, the twirling leaf in the wolf-haunted forest still makes me tingle. My mother encouraged her children to practice and grow comfortable with theater and performing…


Quiet Power

I'm astonished I never saw the bias before. I didn't realize how hard it truly is to thrive as an introvert in American society. Reading the book Quiet by Susan Cain has deeply impacted my thoughts on the subject. I wrote about my initial reactions here, as a guest post on my publisher's website. Read my post on Quiet Power.

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Splintered Mess

When I mix up my right and left hands, we all chuckle. When I mix up the brake and gas pedals while parking, someone loses their cool. More accurately, that someone losing their cool is me: I’m pounding my steering wheel with both fists, swearing and half-hissing half-wailing because I’ve hit the gas while trying to hit the brake, and all because I thought my Honda…


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