Birth of Dreams, Part 3: Cubby Holes

“I have so much information, I don’t know where to start.”

This is a great problem to have, if you’ve riffled through your Junk Drawer (Part 1) and Pinned (Part 2) the interesting bits.

If you’re just joining us, this is my series on turning an idea into a creative reality

You need a plan.

Ahem, before anyone of you anti-planners walk away, hear me out: All of us can throw items into boxes.

“Boxes?” I hear you say.

Envision a series of four cubby holes.

Your idea, even after the first two steps in this series, is still only a sketch or a summary…the essence of a great whole.

I’ll use composing a song as an example for how to use the cubby holes:

1. What will you do first?  

If you write your lyrics first, throw a pen and pad of paper, plus any words or themes you want to use into your first box.

2. What needs to happen next? 

After the lyrics, you might compose the main melody. Put in your instrument and sheet music.

3. After these stages, what then?

Do you need to record yourself so you can listen to your work? Should you perform your work-in-progress for a friend to elicit feedback? Slide in an audio recorder and your friend’s email address.

4. What does a final polish look like?

Will you enter your song in a musical competition or perform it at an open mic? Find a time and date for the performance and stick the deadline into your last box. Nothing hones your focus like a finish-line.

Whether you make this cubby hole method is mental or physical, the visualization of your project’s stages will give you a strong foundation for making your idea tangible.

And I want your dreams to see the light!

Did you enjoy the Birth of Dreams series? How did it help you? Would you like to see more like these on another subject?


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  1. I love how you put the steps, and also a very useful example of step in process. I’m not really wired to create a physical version of the cubby holes, but it is a very helpful metaphor to remember during the creative process. Personally, because I like the idea of progress, too, my mind automatically sees the cubby holes raised at different tiers, wherein the process steps up toward creation (I was going to say each of the steps flows downward, but I’ve noticed that there appears to be a gravity working against the creative process, and we have to fight against that gravity). Great ideas! I would love to see more stuff like this.

    1. Thank you, Scott! I think the cubby holes are mental for me,too, but the physical idea works well to cement the concept. 🙂 I’m glad you find this helpful! Since you said you’d like to see more series on this, is there a particular subject you’d like to see?

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