Remembered Passion

It's harder to answer this question than it seems: What did I used to love doing?  It's funny how things we love, things that brought us life or joy or a feeling of passionate purpose become things that we use the past tense to talk about.  Did. Used to. Remember when we... Sometimes it's hard to remember because we've created a new default way of having fun. …


Sign Here, Please

Every writer gets them.  No one can escape them.  No one, ever, has been brilliant and perfect enough of a writer with universal tastes that everyone agrees with to evade the reality of bad reviews, angry comments, or rude messages.  Rest assured, this is not a rant about a horrible review I just received.  I'm actually quite OK with people publicly declaring if they don't like something I wrote. (In fact, if everyone agreed that…


Life Isn’t a Solo Sport

I don't care how brilliant or inspired my writing is on any given day, it loses steam if I'm doing everything on my own.  There's something indescribable about sitting right next t to someone while I work that transforms me, my work, and my time into something of increased worth.  Whether it's cleaning house side by side, brainstorming creative ideas together, or just voicing fears out loud to…


My Love Affair with Greek Myths

I have a long-standing relationship with Greek myths and retelling them.  Moonlight and Oranges is one of many projects I've created to interweave myth and story and character.  I explained my "mythical obsession" on the Owl Tell You About It blog this week.  


A Year of Love and Courage

  A friend of mine made a recent facebook post that said: This might just be me, but the longer I live, the more it seems that insecurity stemming from a lack of real love is responsible for most of the world's problems. Wow.  We all know if we watch the news that there is a constant state of flux for global problems all around us.  When…


Guest Blog: Critique Groups

Happy New Year!  To kick off the birthdays of Time and myself (we're just one day apart), here is a guest post in which I reveal my experience forming a successful critique group.  I give instructions on how to replicate this with a small cluster of writing friends.  It can be quite tricky, but it's incredibly rewarding! My guest post lives on L.M. Stull's blog.  She…


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