Roman Writers’ Haunt

Are certain places more "lucky" or "fruitful" to write in than others?  Are there spots that have proven so inspirational and productive to ghosts of authors past, that writer-pilgrims can visit them and be filled with fresh ideas? While James and I were vacationing last month in Rome, I discovered in my Italy tour book that there was a certain little cafe near the Spanish Steps…


The Countdown Begins

I can actually say it:  My novel will launch next month!  The edits are finalized, the marketing details are being solidified, we're scoping out a venue for the book launch party for friends and family, and bit by bit, the Booktrope team and I are preparing the world to receive Moonlight and Oranges. This book was a product of much love, sweat, and tears.  The inspiration to write…


Dancing in a Florentine Piazza

Have you ever noticed how memories grow stronger and stronger the more you tell people about them?  They are also reinforced through the act of writing them down.  My husband and I decided to share a journal over our trip to Italy, taking turns recording the days.  One particular day that stood out to both og us was our anniversary, September 20th. On that day an Italian grandmother sang to us…


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