Director’s Choice or My Worst Theater Experience

My mother always told me there’s a 90/10 rule to theater: 90% of it is unimpressive, mediocre, and even terrible. The other 10% is so breathtaking in its emotional depth and scope, it compels us to once again brave the tepid hodgepodge 90% in hopes of discovering the next precious gem. I’ve seen my fair share of stunning shows. Bright Star, currently new-to-Broadway, is fantastic. Brooklyn…


Real Life Drama

It’s a blast from the past today. Drama school lessons ranging from social studies to sexual attraction. (Photos of Elise from acting projects at the end of this post!) A large part of my personality formation came through my involvement in the drama department at my university. I took the year-long acting series offered there and gained an enormous depth of understanding for: 1. What makes…


How to Read Out Loud in 6 Steps

We all read out loud. It's part of daily life. But what many of us don't realize is that reading out loud is a skill, and, with a little practice, it can be honed in a way that transforms anything we say. A mediocre story can become something fantastic with one simple tweak—the voice-acting of the narrator who breathes it to life. A well-written piece of…


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