Interspecies Communication – New Short Story!

Hello all! In case you missed my announcements on social media, here is a link to my newest story, "Common Speech," which was released earlier this month on the beautiful and evocative Escape Pod podcast. The narrator, Ibba Armancas, gave a phenomenal and heartfelt performance. I'm so impressed by and grateful for the emotional nuance she delivered to the storytelling! The image on this post is…


She’s Got Everything Figured Out (NOT)

“I was really intimidated by you.” A friend once told me this. Actually, a lot of people have said it. I guess I make a killer first impression that says: “I’ve figured out how to do life. I’ve got my act together. I’m beautiful and powerful and intelligent.” Heh. On my good days, maybe. Let’s not forget that I also studied acting in college (full confession…


Wet Earth

Yesterday we buried our dead baby. This is going to be a sad post, so read on only if you choose to bear witness to a grief that is too often silenced. For those of you who know my family, my 18 month old son is perfectly fine and healthy. It's his younger sibling I refer to. January was a dark month for us. We had…


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