Sometimes my times in darkness shape me just as much as my times in the light. Depression is like a deep sleepwalk, a fog cutting me off from seeing the world like I once used to. I can’t touch or sense things the same way. I’m trapped in a sleep/death. Sleeping Beauty lay in a dreamless prison for a hundred years. Snow White ate a poisoned…


Magic Mirrors

Remember in Beauty and the Beast when the heroine sees her father is ill and rushes to his side?  She sees it in a magic mirror. The same mirror draws her back to the Beast in his castle.  In fairy tales, the magic mirror shows things from a far part of the world or sometimes from the soul (think Snow White). When I look over my…


Light, Dark, & Innocence

I grew up on fairy tales. Consequently, I’m a dreamer and an optimist. I’ve always been more outrageously shocked by scandal or crude humor than most of my friends. To this day, people will say things that upset me just to watch my expression.  Apparently I put on a good show. I knew by the time I went to college that I’d been raised in a…


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