Squash or Nurture?

Comparison is the thief of joy. -Anonymous I recently awoke from a vivid dream filled with high seas adventures, golden beaches, a stowaway, an overprotective parent, unrequited love, and secret treasures of the heart.  The interesting part about this dream is that I took away from it less inspiration for a new story to write, and more inspiration for how I will treat my writing friends. To be…


One Reason to Learn Marketing

Marketing myself as a writer is a lesson I've been gradually learning over the past few moths.  Usually I'd grit my teeth about this.  Many writers absolutely hate marketing.  It feels uncreative, its exhausting, it feels like bragging, etc. But it teaches us how to talk to others about our writing.  That's essentially what marketing is--a way to clearly communicate what we're about to the greater world.  The time the…


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