2015 Highlights

This year has truly, madly, deeply* been one of the craziest that I, my family, and my heart has ever seen. I've experienced more heartbreak this year than most of those that came before it and I've been knocked to my knees, in tears, by generosity and love in measures that have risen to meet the height of my pain.   *Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage…


Pan’s Labyrinth visits Shadows on the Sound

Hello friends! Here is a link to the most recent episode of Shadows on the Sound, a podcast hosted by authors Camela Thompson and Z.D. Gladstone. (They're a lot of fun!) I visited their show and discussed the dark-yet-beautiful film Pan's Labyrinth. Warning: There are many spoilers for the movie's plot, as we discuss the film in details! There might also be a bit of adult…



I come from the place of ice blue mountains that enclose me like crowned walls. I dream of green forests that smell of possibility.   I am the child who found warmth under a gold lamp as I huddled with musty books beneath a gray cloud blanket.   I come from a house filled with singing, shouting. Laughter in one breath, tears in the next.  …


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