The Ask

Do you remember the last time a friend asked you for help? I often find myself replying "Of course! I'd love to!" because I care about the person and want to help them reach their goals or find relief in a tight situation. But then when it's my turn to ask for help, I want to do anything but ask for it. I'd rather stay up…


Belly Flops

We got a huge bag of Belly Flops for Easter this year. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, Belly Flops are the misshapen jelly beans that didn’t pass the Jelly Belly perfection test. Some of them look a bit like runts, but seem fairly normal, others, how shall we put this nicely, resemble obscene amoeba. I’ve been stressing this past week. (Oh and I’m totally…


Just Try

Eating cooked vegetables at three years old. Me: It looks gross! I hate the smell. Mom: Just try it. Me: WAAAH! Mom: One bite. You only have to try one bite. Elise takes a bite and, years later, learns that she likes vegetables.   Learning to dive backwards in high school. Me: Oh my gosh. I'm so scared I think I'm going to be sick. Instructor:…


Wild Stomping Grounds

A friend of mine posted on Twitter that some people are so excited to pursue creativity that they forget to also make sure they have the skills and training to support it. Hmmm. While I think it foolish to chase a notion that you have no idea what you’ll do with once you catch it, I also think that the biggest challenge is often just valuing…


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