Healthy Relationships

Relationships are multi-faceted and they certainly don't exist on a solely emotional plain.  Sometimes the topic of physical health becomes a roadblock in discussions.  Although it's not always this case, many women find themselves the ones who are more interested in staying in good shape, and having a conversation about  health with their less-excited man is challenging. I am reposting an article I wrote on this subject of…

Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Rhyn

Because I Knew You: Inaugural Post by Elise Stephens

This post launches my brand spankin' new guest blog series Because I Knew You in which I invite people from all walks of life to tell us about someone who has changed them permanently, how they've been changed, and what they would tell this person now.  I begin this project with a post on a very special person who changed my own life. Following this post, each Thursday you will…


Let Me Introduce You

Boy meets girl.  Girl smiles at boy.   Boy spends more time talking with girl.  Both appear quite interested.  Elise is oh-so-proud of herself because she's the one who introduced them to each other.  I have personally never been a successful matchmaker (the above mentioned couple is no exception, I'm sorry to say).  Have you ever tried to set up two friends?  One thing that almost always…


A Definition…and a Contest!

IT'S A CONTEST! In celebration of Valentine's Day, I am hosting a contest, starting today, from February 9 - February 14.  Five lucky winners will receive a FREE autographed copy of Moonlight and Oranges! THE RULES: There are three ways to enter to win a copy of Moonlight and Oranges - don't forget, you're welcome to enter all three! 1. Share the Love on Twitter:  In honor…

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Tough Love

I was seven and a half when my little sister came into the world.  She had beautiful big eyes, which we both get from our dad and she was mostly definitely a feisty one.  I remember teaching her how to snuggle, because her reaction to hugs was to push me away as hard as she could. Before she learned to talk, we all thought she was practicing…


Listen Up, Younger Self!

In which I jump into a hypothetical time machine... I'm honored to announce that today I'm featured on Tess Hardwick's blog, answering the question "What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?" for her 20 Thursday blog series. I talk about college, boys, my word skills that I've used for good and for evil, and my need to that I'm loved over and over again (I seem…


Remembered Passion

It's harder to answer this question than it seems: What did I used to love doing?  It's funny how things we love, things that brought us life or joy or a feeling of passionate purpose become things that we use the past tense to talk about.  Did. Used to. Remember when we... Sometimes it's hard to remember because we've created a new default way of having fun. …


Life Isn’t a Solo Sport

I don't care how brilliant or inspired my writing is on any given day, it loses steam if I'm doing everything on my own.  There's something indescribable about sitting right next t to someone while I work that transforms me, my work, and my time into something of increased worth.  Whether it's cleaning house side by side, brainstorming creative ideas together, or just voicing fears out loud to…


A Year of Love and Courage

  A friend of mine made a recent facebook post that said: This might just be me, but the longer I live, the more it seems that insecurity stemming from a lack of real love is responsible for most of the world's problems. Wow.  We all know if we watch the news that there is a constant state of flux for global problems all around us.  When…


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