Book Review: The Art of Asking

Let’s start with the personal stuff. When someone asks me, Elise, for help, when they point to something I’m good at and ask if I’d be willing to donate my expertise toward launching their dreams, my answer is almost always YES. But... I’m not talking here about strangers offering to rip off my services in exchange for “experience." On the other hand, I honestly think it’s…


Becoming Real

  The rabbit sighed. He thought it would be a long time before this magic called Real happened to him. He long to become Real, to know what it felt like: and yet the idea of growing shabby and losing his eyes and whiskers was rather sad. He wished that he could become it without these uncomfortable things happening to him. -The Velveteen Rabbit *** My…


Villains and Such: Guest Post from Terry Persun

I'm pleased to share my blog with author Terry Persun today. Terry is is in releasing GARGOYLE his fourth book in his Doublesight fantasy series, and today he shares with us a bit about his love for his villains. For those of you who may remember my post Pearl from last year, Terry was my friend who hugged and encouraged me. You can also enter the…


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