Magic Mirrors

Magic Mirror (M.C. Escher)

Magic Mirror (M.C. Escher) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember in Beauty and the Beast when the heroine sees her father is ill and rushes to his side?  She sees it in a magic mirror.

The same mirror draws her back to the Beast in his castle.  In fairy tales, the magic mirror shows things from a far part of the world or sometimes from the soul (think Snow White).

When I look over my sink into that shiny piece of glass I see neither Thailand, nor an invisible corner of my heart, but still, I’ve made myself a magic mirror, of sorts.

Another common term people use for this is ‘vision board.’  Whatever feels more inspiring to you will be most effective.

Don’t freak out.  This isn’t woo-woo.

I think of it like visual New Year’s resolutions.  I’m sharing bits of my own board/mirror in this post.

The magic mirror in fairy tales captures the heart and mind of the hero through a visual tease – something beyond the hero’s current reach (think Alice Through the Looking Glass).  It awakens hope, anticipation, and imagination.

I can almost always use a little more of that sweet stuff.

It took me four sit-down sessions with magazines and scissors to build my vision board.  Now, when I sit in my chair and write, I can look at my wall and see little glimpses of the future that I hope for

Nothing is set in stone.  I don’t believe I’ll definitely reach 100% of the goals on there, but I do hope I can expect a heroic adventure as I seek courage to go after them.



Have you ever made a vision board?

Do you have questions for how to make one?

Share your stories!

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  1. I love this, Elise! I made a vision board a few years ago.

    It hangs in my closet, and come to think of it {which I haven’t recently} I’ve been ticking things off of there.

    I adore the forward thinking here, girl! not woo-woo at all! {Although that is fun to say! :)}

    • Thanks, Galit! Your closet is a great place, since you’ll see it every time you dress! Glad you don’t think it’s woo-woo (and yes, I totally love saying it!). Some practical minds flinch away from this sort of stuff, but I tend to get excited by it, and want to convince everyone that’s it’s awesome and helpful!

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